Galley Cloth "Sailing Terms"

Made exclusively for Nauticalia, our galley cloths feature a wide range of subjects. Some consider them too good for mundane chores and prefer to hang them on the wall in the galley or kitchen to bring some nautical cheer. The cloths are made in Northern Ireland of 100% cotton. Size 79cm X 46cm

Sailing term - say what you mean

GO TO PORT: An alcoholics dream.
LOG ENTRY: You've just 'holed' your boat.
BUMKIN: The only crewman you could get.
HAVE TO: Done immediately after reaching.
IRISH PENNANT: Welling and cross bones.
MAKING SAIL: A favorite term of retailers.
LIFE BUOY: Often called for when awash before the sink.
LASHING DOWN: Meteorologists have got it wrong again.
FREEBOARD: Restricted to au pairs especially on long trips.
CALL FOR WATER: What you should have done at the Marina before you left.
BALLAST: Swearword used when the boom hits your head after going about.
BEATING: Something the wife gives you after you've been playing around all day with a tiller.

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